Tesco Chinese New Year Charity Box

Tesco Chinese New Year Charity Box

Make a difference with just RM50.

With just RM50, you can purchase a food box containing basic essentials for the underprivileged families and charity homes. This food box contribution will be delivered on your behalf and be able to ease the burden of those in need this coming Chinese New Year.

List of essential items:
1. Tesco Tuna Flakes in Spring Water 185g x 2 unit
2. Tesco Cooking Oil 5kg x 1 unit
3. Tesco Choco Malt Drink 1kg x 1 unit
4. Tesco Everyday Value Assorted Biscuits 430g x 1 unit
5. Tesco Everyday Value Refined Salt 350g x 1 unit
6. Tesco Course Grain Sugar 1kg x 1 unit

Purchase can be made at our in-store Tesco Customer Service counter.
Thank you for your contribution.


1. Can I purchase this food box for my own use / deliver it to the charities myself?

No. These boxes will be delivered to the underprivileged families and charity homes selected by Kechara Soup Kitchen and Food Aid Foundation. This box at the Customer Service counter is just for display.

2. Which charity homes or families will receive this food box?

Among the charity homes selected by Kechara Soup Kitchen and Food Aid Foundation includes Rumah Charis, Sayang Sayang Nursing Care Centre, Tong Sim Senior Citizens  Care Center, Ann’s Care Centre, Persatuan Kebajikan Ci Hang Cempaka, Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Kurang Upaya Kirtarsh, Rumah Seri Kenangan Bedong, Rumah Warga Emas  Darul Hannan and urban poor families across Malaysia.

3. When will these items be delivered to the charity homes and underprivileged families?

The products will be delivered at the end of the campaign (after 31 January 2019) and the total collection will be announced on our social media platform.

4. Will my purchase be eligible for Clubcard Points?

5. Can I get tax exemption for my purchase?

No, because this contribution is to purchase in-kinds for the beneficiaries and not a direct cash donation to the charity home. If you are interested to make a cash donation for tax- exemption, you may contact Kechara Soup Kitchen (010-3333260 / or Food Aid Foundation (03-92265500 /

6. Can my purchase be refunded?

Yes, it will follow our usual refund policy. 

7. I have calculated the products in the Tesco Charity Food Box and it does not equals to RM50. Why is there a difference in the price? 

This is a packaged cost and will include delivery service to the beneficiaries.

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