Rice donation for our furry friends

We’re delighted to share that over a weekend in July 2021, some 50 of our Head Office and Store colleagues came together to help several animal shelters by donating funds towards the purchases of 5kg and 10kg of rice bags!

You might be wondering…why rice? Well as it turns out, animals in shelters eat rice as much as we do as their carers would mix the rice with a type of meat so they will get a healthy dose of protein and carbohydrates.

The initiative was started by our very own Retail Director Corine Boudville and the Head of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, Hanim Hamdan when they got the ball rolling by contributing 50 bags of rice each!

Pretty soon other colleagues are coming onboard and in the end over RM10,000 were donated and more than 800 of 5kg and 10kg rice bags were distributed to six shelters namely Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue Foundation, Furry Friends Farm, FurryKids Safehaven, PAWS Malaysia, Andy Kong and The Forgotten Souls at Papan Dumpsite as well as Zoo Melaka.

 You can read more about our outreach here and here.