Keeping HTAR cool

In understanding the plight of the medical frontliners and our ever-burning #kitakanjiran spirit, Lotus’s has sponsored air coolers for Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah (HTAR) in Klang since April 2020. The air coolers enable the patients who are placed in the halls to stay comfortable as they undergo their treatment. From time to time, we also provide the occasional biscuits, bread, and even chocolates for the medical team to enjoy during their break time.

Thank you HTAR team and other frontliners for your hard work and dedication. On our part, let’s ensure that we observe the standard operating procedures diligently such as keeping good personal hygiene, practicing physical distancing, and continuing duduk rumah diam-diam. Together, we can fight this!

If you know any hospitals or centres that need help in this fight against Covid-19, do reach out to the Corporate Social Responsibility Team at for collaboration opportunities.