Introducing Lotus’s Own Brand items

We’re delighted to share that as of May 2021, over 200 Lotus’s Own Brand items comprising of grocery, fresh and general merchandise items are already in our stores! Though the numbers might seem limited now, rest assured we are working hard to have the full line in all our stores by October this year.

Lotus’s Own Brand items are mostly repackaged Tesco Own Brand items. This means that as Lotus’s, we are still working and supporting the same local suppliers that are mostly made of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This continuous support is extremely crucial now given the fact that many SMEs have been negatively impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

For our customers- their beloved products will still have the same taste and satisfaction, but with different packaging. Some of the items that are already in store and ready to be enjoyed now are Lotus’s Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, Lotus’s Four Cheese Pizza, Lotus’s Roti Paratha Onion, Lotus’s Fresh Milk 1kg and with more to come soon.