Savour of Life (Therapeutic meal Offer)


Savour of Life (Therapeutic meal Offer)

Savour of Life (Therapeutic meal Offer)
Start Date: 15/10/2020
End Date: 14/06/2021
Reward Details
Therapeutic meal Offer - 10% of Selected Item
Redemption Mechanics
10% of these packages listed below:

1) Weekly packages: (1) 5 meals : RM 150

                               (2) 10 meals : RM 300

1) Monthy packages: (1) 20 meals : RM 600

                               (2) 40 meals : RM 1200

How to Redeem:
TM10OFF upon ordering via WhatsApp (+6011 5623 5214)

Term and Condition
•Clients need to go through a general health assessment with Savor Of Life health team before starting the therapeutic meal service
•Meals are delivered on weekdays including public holidays
•No weekend deliveries
•Meals are delivered to the Klang Valley only
•Packages are paid in advance. There are no refunds for unused meals. Meal credits cannot be carried forward
•Delivery does not start until we have received payment from the client
•Clients can request a pause for up to 2 weeks every 6 months to allow for holidays, haj etc. The renewal date is moved forward by the same date.
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