Let’s Fight Covid-19 Together!

Let’s Fight Covid-19 Together!

Tesco Online

In light of the recent developments concerning Covid-19 in Malaysia, our team is taking the following precautions to ensure that every delivery made to your homes is safe.
Our delivery colleagues are practicing these measures on a daily basis:   

1. Must wear a face mask throughout the day, and sanitize their hands in between each delivery.
2. Our delivery team will wipe then empty delivery boxes, post delivery, with sanitizer and upon return, a thorough cleaning will be conducted at our store.
3. In case of delivery to houses where there are people in quarantine, we will place the items in plastic bags so that the delivery can be made with no contact to the delivery boxes.
4. For payment at door, our delivery colleague will sanitize their hand and payment device after collecting payment from customers.

In return, we appreciate that you can also do your part in ensuring that the Covid-19 virus is curbed from spreading further by doing the following:

1. Notify our delivery colleague if you are under house quarantine so that he can bag the items and place them in the delivery box just outside of your house.
2. Pick up the bags only and leave the delivery box outside the door. Our delivery colleague will then proceed to wait in the van or a few steps away while you check through your purchases.
3. If you have any rejected items, please place them back into the plastic bag and then in the delivery box. Our delivery colleague will then pick up the box with no contact with the bag or items.

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With emerging news of corona viruses (Covid-19) outbreak, we acknowledge appropriate cleaning and decontamination of the environment is also essential in preventing transmission of this virus.
As a continuous effort to ensure that you can shop with peace of mind, we perform regular sanitization throughout the day on our trolley handle, baskets, lift buttons and escalators handle as our safety measure.



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