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Local Delights

Superior Smooth Porridge Seafood Steamboat

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  • 100g fragrant rice, washed and rinsed 香米,泡2小时
  • 2.5 liters water 水
  • 1 piece dried bean curd skin, soaked in water 腐竹,泡软
  • 50g dried scallops, washed 干贝,浸泡
  • 30g dried squids, soaked 鱿鱼干,浸泡
  • 20g rock sugar 冰糖
  • 30g yu zhu 玉竹
  • 30g huai shan 淮山


  • 3 cubes MAGGI Chicken Cubes / 美极鸡精块
  • 1 tsp pepper 胡椒粉
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil 麻油


  • 200g fish fillet, sliced 鱼片
  • 200g prawns, cleaned 虾
  • 20 nos fish balls, sliced halve 鱼丸, 切半
  • 200g Chinese cabbage, chopped 黄芽白, 剁碎
  • 100g gingko nuts 白果
  • 1 string coriander leaf, chopped棵芫茜
  • Some fried garlic oil, to serve (optional) 适量炸蒜油


  1. Pour 2.5 liters water, rice, dried bean curd skin, scallops, dried squids, sugar cane, yu zhu, huai shan, seasoning and bring to boil. 将3.5公升水、白米、腐皮、干贝、鱿鱼干、甘蔗,玉竹,淮山和调味料煮滚。
  2. After the porridge become slightly thick, off fire and blend the porridge until smooth. 当粥煮至浓稠时,离火,用搅拌器拌打至绵滑。
  3. Pour the blend porridge in the pot. 再将粥倒回锅里。
  4. Add in sliced fish, fish balls, prawns, gingko nut and bring to boil till well cooked. 加入鱼片,鱼丸,虾和白果煮至熟透。
  5. Serve with vegetables and fried garlic oil. 享用时即可配上蔬菜和蒜头油。
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