Behind each dish we love is a story. More than just a bunch of ingredients, a perfect recipe, or an Instagram snap – our food is at the heart of everyday life and our closest relationships. All the meals we make, however simple – they matter to us. Because we make them for one another, for the people we love. Food isn’t just fuel, it’s love. Through each chapter of our story, we lift the lid on all those wonderful meals, not only telling you how to make them, but the love stories that made them. Because each meal has its love story.

Daniel’s ‘Impress You’ Salted Egg Pasta

Get our Tesco's Italian Made pasta, assorted mushroom and fresh ingredients today!

Roslan’s ‘Sweetheart’ Kerabu

After discovering that his pregnant wife is craving for Kerabu, Roslan surprises her with his own unique recipe mixing tangy mangoes with crisp apples. A truly special dish that speaks volume of his love for her and their soon to be born child.

Poh Poh’s ‘Remember Me’ Steamed Fish

Poh Poh, who doesn’t get to see her grandkids very often, prepares a special dish that she hopes will make them remember her, and look forward to meeting her.

Masak Lemak “Rasa Sayang” Saleha

Prepare family favourite recipe with our fresh squid, juicy pineapple and sweet lychee.

Angie 'Smile Again' Prawn Salsa

Losing can be hard, but a mother’s love knows no bound. Angie wins back her daughter’s smile by making her favourite Prawn Salsa.

Adam’s ‘Feel Better’ Chicken Soup

Prepare a nutritious soup with our cameron sweet corn & nourishing white fungus

Maryam's Honeymoon Chicken

Maryam cooks for her newly wedded husband, Faiez his favourite dish in the comfort and privacy of their new home.

Cucur ‘Harapan’ Mak Nani

Mak Nani, a generous and bubbly mother, loves making her special Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters) for her daughter’s study group during school holiday season.

Devi’s ‘Hearty’ Salmon Curry

Sunday night is usually fish head curry night for Devi’s family. But her husband needs to eat healthier now, so Devi starts a new tradition with her hearty Salmon Curry. It’s delightful to the taste buds and wonderful for her family’s health, just the way Devi likes it.

David & Amy’s ‘Bonding’ Cupcake

David, a busy working father spends his weekend (making up for lost time) by baking cupcakes with his 10-year-old daughter Amy for his family and close friends.

Pasta Sayur ‘Sayang Si Manja’ Azlin

Azlin, a young mother finds the perfect way to get her young child to eat vegetables - by preparing a smiley face Fusilli Pasta with fresh, colourful vegetables.