Electrical Purchase Services

Extended Warranty

Enjoy extended warranty on electrical products for peace of mind.

Extended Protection For Your Electrical Purchases!

At Tesco, we take pride in offering the best services to our customers with our newly introduced Extended Warranty Plan.

  • What is extended warranty plan?
    • The Extended Warranty Plan allows you to further protect your new electrical purchases by extending your warranty beyond the manufacturer’s original coverage period.
      All manufacturers generally provide 1 or 2 years warranty as standard protection againts product failure due to mechanical or electrical defects. With Tesco Extended Warranty Plan, your products will receive EXTENDED PROTECTION and will enjoy GREATER SAVINGS on repair charges even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

  • How long can I extend my warranty?
    • You can extend your original manufacturer's warranty by an additional 1 or more years with only a few cents per day!

  • Why extended warranty?
        You will be fully covered against repair charges includes parts, labour as well as on-site service for non portable products.

        We will settle the repair bills directly with our service agents without you having to fork out any payments!

        Allows greater savings as you are protected from cost of repairs.

        Just call our toll-free line 1800-18-3328 (Monday to Friday - from 9:00am to 5:00pm). For other hours, please leave a voice message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How do I apply?
    • Kindly approach any of our electrical specialists for further assistance. You may even choose to include the Extended Warranty Plan into your credit agreement if you purchase your products through Tesco's Easy Payment scheme.

1 For 1 Exchange For Small Electrical or Electronic Items!

From as low as 3 cents per month you are entitled to:

  • A replacement if your product becomes faulty due to mechanical or electrical defects.
  • No delays while waiting for repair

When purchasing any electrical or electronic items below RM750.99, just add a few cents per month for our Replacement Plan.

  • What does the replacement plan cover?
    • The Replacement Plan is designed to give you a comprehensive cover for your purchase at Tesco.

      • If your product becomes faulty within the Replacement Plan coverage period (after Manufacturer Warranty) due to mechanical or electrical failure, we will replace it with an equivalent model, up to the value of the original purchase price.

      • If the product replaced is of a higher value than your original purchase price, you will be required to top up the difference.

  • What should I do when my product breaks down?
      • If your product is still covered under the Manufacturer Warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly or their nearest authorized service center.

      • If your product becomes faulty within the Replacement Plan coverage period, you may call our toll-free hotline at 1800-18-3328 (Monday to Friday, from 9am - 5pm) or visit our nearest Tesco stores.

      • You will need your Replacement Plan Certificate and purchase receipt to make a claim; therefore, please keep it in a safe place and have the certificate and receipt, ready when calling our hotline.

Need help? Here's how to get in touch with us

Kindly approach our in-store electrical specialist for assistance.

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