Smart Home Cover

Smart Home Cover

A new kind of home insurance that offer flexibility for your peace of mind.

  • Covers your household contents.
  • Cover your home repair and maintenances.
  • Covers landlords from troublesome tenants.
  • Smart Home Cover (SHC)
    • Smart Home Cover allows you to choose from 5 customizable component plans to cater your home insurance needs. Enjoy great savings that cover your home, its contents, loan repayment, maintenance and rental income.

      You'll be covered for:

      • House Owner
        Protects your building against damage
      • House Holder
        Compensation for your home’s contents and personal effects
      • Mortgage Loan Instalment Protection
        Coverage in the event your house is deemed uninhabitable, or when you suffer
        Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement
      • Home Fix
        Covers home repairs and maintenance
      • Landlord Insurance
        Covers you against malicious damage caused by your tenant, runaways and legal fees for LOD's
Enhanced Road Warrior

Enhanced Road Warrior

24-hour roadside assistance which offers a very comprehensive scope of protection during a car breakdown.

  • 24-Hour Free Unlimited Towing Distance and Car Assistance Programme including minor roadside repairs etc.
  • Wide choice of authorised panel workshops nationwide.
  • Enhanced Road Warrior (ERW)
    • We'll help you get back on the road again with 24/7 roadside assistance for car breakdowns and accidents.
      We'll also guarantee you unlimited towing distances, and a free car replacement too.

      You'll be entitled to:

      • A choice of our authorised panel workshops nationwide
      • Coverages against Personal Accidents for you and your passengers
      • Free Car Replacement up to 7 days
      • Compassionate Flood cover
Motor Comprehensive

Motor Comprehensive

Allianz Motor Comprehensive Insurance offers reliable protection and the peace of mind you need.

  • Losses or damages to your car due to accident, fire and theft.
  • Third Party death and bodily injuries.
  • Third Party property losses or damages.
  • Motor Comprehensive Insurance
    • Allianz Motor Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle from A to Z.
      This policy will cover your car against liabilities to other parties for death and bodily injuries, property damage, accidents, fire damage and so much more!

      Key coverages include:

      • Losses or damages to your car due to accidents, fire & theft
      • Third Party Death and Bodily Injuries
      • Third Party Property losses or damages

      If you purchase our Motor Comprehensive policy you will have an extended benefit to Road Rangers, our nationwide motor accident assistance provided free-of-charge:

      • 24-hour Call Centre
      • Allianz Bike Brigade to help provide initial assistance at the scene of the accident, including First Aid
      • Allianz Tow Trucks
      • Claims assistance at Police Stations
      • Transportation services
      • Claims approval between 10 minutes to 1 hour
      • Vehicle Delivery
Travel Care

Travel Care

Travel the world without fear Allianz ensures that you begin your trips feeling totally confident.

  • Overseas and domestic travels for you and your family
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel or luggage delay
  • Allianz Travel Care
    • Travel worry-free with Allianz Travel Care. We’ll give you the protection when you travel alone or with family, both overseas and domestic.

      You'll be covered for:

      • A choice for both one-way and two-way flights, both overseas and domestic
      • Choice of individual travel coverages for you or your family
      • Travel & Luggage delay benefits
      • Hassle free International Medical Assistance

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