Hotlink RM10 Prepaid Top Up


Hotlink RM10 Prepaid Top Up

Hotlink RM10 Prepaid Top Up
Start Date: 4/1/2021
End Date: 3/1/2023

Details: Redeem ONE (1) Hotlink RM10 Prepaid Top Up with only  1,400 points.

1. VALIDITY PERIOD : 4 Jan 2021 - 3 Jan 2023
2. This reward is limit to 500 redemptions only.
3. After redeeming this voucher, you can USE LATER (saved in My Rewards) or USE NOW (within 30 minutes).
4. If you've accidentally exit the application during USE NOW, please view it in 'Used Rewards' under 'My Rewards' within 30 minutes.


1. This reward is valid offer is valid for Hotlink Mobile Prepaid Top Up only.
2. One top up code is valid for ONE (1) time redemption only.
3. To reload, dial <*111*><14-digit pin code><#> and press SEND/CALL. You will receive a text message notification with your updated balance upon successful reload.
4. Kindly refer to for more T&C.

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