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Tesco Delivery Lab

The Journey Begins
After placing your order and checking out from, a confirmation email will be sent immediately.

The Picking Process
Once the order has been received, Tesco trained colleagues will hand pick your order on the day of delivery.

Box #1 Box #2 Box #3 Machine Hand #1 Machine Hand #2 Banana Rice Fish Machine #1 Machine #2 Machine #3

Loading Up The goods are loaded up into Tesco’s Delivery Trucks, which will deliver the goods based on the best possible route.

Tesco Worker Goods to be delivered Tesco Truck

At Your Doorstep
Once at your doorstep, feel free to inspect the goods. Not happy? Just return them on the spot!

Our Delivery Man only accepts payment by credit card, not cash, to ensure that all transactions are safe, and reliable every time.